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Fame Academy, Chinese style.
Commissioned by BBC Radio 4's From Our Own Correspondent, 2004.

Reflections on my experience performing at the finals of China's equivalent of Eurovision, the Spring Festival International Performance Competition. I was accompanied by UK TV crew who produced documentary of the trip.

My Year of Living Dangerously.
Daily Telegraph, Dec 2000.

West End Debut for Ordained Buddhist Monks. Theatre Review, FT Weekend, 1999.

BBC Radio 4, Woman's Hour, 1999.

Asian Arts News. Exhibition reviews, 1993-5.

Opening of China's first Petroleum Exchange. Reuters Press, 1993.

Herculean Austerity. 2012.
First (draft) of new series I am looking to publish, in which I combine my City and circus arts knowledge to reflect on a topical economic or political news event through the eyes and senses of various colourful circus artist colleagues.

Hanging by my toes. (Ongoing)
Proposal for a book I was first invited to submit to Random House in 2003 in which I describe my journey from City to underground circus rope artist - and the role of risk in each. They didn't run with my madcap trajectory at the time as another proposal just dropped through the door that was disciplined and coherent - called Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell. While I don't anticipate the antics I describe to precipitate a social epidemic of the type described in his book I remain optimistic about the stickiness of the trapeze tape.

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